Zanussi Vacuum Cleaner (3L)  ZAN5100RD - Red

Zanussi Vacuum Cleaner (3L)  ZAN5100RD - Red

With 3L capacity, this 700W vacuum is perfect for bigger and more in-depth cleaning jobs. And the cherry red exterior adds a burst of style to your daily chores.
  • Key Features

    Not all surfaces have the same cleaning needs. Select the best level of suction for the different surfaces you vacuum with the variable power setting. 

    Brilliant blue LED light surrounds the power control knob, and lights up to let you know when the dust bag is full 

    The washable HEPA filter (H12) reduces dust blown around while hoovering, to maintain clean air and eliminate allergens 

    Built-in carrying handle makes it easier and safer to lift and carry your hoover between rooms and up the stairs